Minecraft Cupcakes "Creeper"


Here is my How to video:

White icing or cream cheese icing
Add a drop of green food dye and mix
Continue to add dye until nice and green.

Coating Cake:
Apply your first crumb coat of green icing. Refrigerate up to 30 min or until the coat is firm
Repeat this two more times equaling 3 coatings of icing.
Apply our final coating of icing as evenly as possible to have a 1/4 inch thickness
Refrigerate your iced cake again

With the cake COLD. Cut off the edges of the cake to make sharp corners
NOTE: Clean your blade after each cut. 
Using a knife and a ruler. Measure out and cut 2 inch Column. Pull column from the cake.
Cut Column into 2" squares.
Separate each square and refrigerate. Always keep your cake cold.
NOTE: Don't slice the cake into squares a once. Each square must be cut and separated one at a time to insure shape.
Download and print Pixel template. Cut out the black area.
Print and cut out a pixel template on a card
Tip: Use tin foil to keep the card template from getting too soaked in dye.
Hold your pixel template over one square cake and lightly spray a mist on top using green 'color mist'
When the mist settles. turn your template 90 degrees and spray a light mist again.
This will give your pixels two shades.
NOTE: Keeping cake cold will make sure the frosting is stiff and won't stick to the stencil.
Using a template place it over the fruit leather and cut out Creeper eyes and mouth
Place them on pixel sprayed square cupcakes

 Download and print face template

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