Baby Groot Cookies! "Guardians of the Galaxy"

CUTE  Baby Groot Gingerbread men

After seeing the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy" I needed to have more of Baby Groot in my life.
A friend showed me this link 'How to make Baby Groot cupcakes'
In love with this idea, I immediately had to make some of my own.

I used black gel icing for the eyes to make them more shiny.
Instead of frosting the roots on the body I drew root designs using a spoon.

TIP: be sure to make your cookies thicker rather than thinner. 
That way they will hold up in the cupcake better without breaking.

Simple Valentines cupcakes

Pretty edible pearls by Dean Jacob's Edible Decoration 
They are a simple touch to making these cupcakes elegant and perfect for Valentines :)

Fun Cupcakes! Sprinkles Rainbow Nonpareils Cupcakes

Easy and always festive! 
These sprinkles are so small and cute you can cover your cupcakes with it and the cake will remain edible.
Here I'm using Rainbow Nonpareils Sprinkles by Wilton and you can also find these at the grocery store.

Polka dot heart Valentines cookies

I got this cute decorating technique from SweetAmbs
Best rolled sugar cookie recipe from