Angry Birds Cupcakes

Here's were I got the idea
I modified to using black icing for the brows and fruit leather for the beaks

All the special parts. Fruit leather, small and large marshmallows, icing (food coloring to color the icing) Tiny chocolate chips, Wilton's Black gel, and red, blue, yellow, sugar.

Harry Potter Cupcakes

After much trial and error. I came up with a design that can be replicated easily. That's the video above.
The Sorting Hats below are very hard to get right the first time. I made them over and over to get a few that looked descent. They are hard and labor intense. But I have created the above video for a much faster and simpler way to make them. Thanks again for all your interest. Please in joy.

Sorting Hat made of Caramel candy

Harry Potter cupcake toppers

Harry Potter Treats

Pumpkin Juice (Orange Carrot Juice),
Droobles (box of Caramel),
Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans (Jelly Bellies),
Licorice Wands (black licorice candy),
Chocolate Frogs (Molded from Tootsie Rolls).

All labels were specially created and designed myself.