Dexter Blood slides

Candy Blood Slides. I got the idea from Forkable

I had to do some modifying. See instructions below.

TIP: Make molds

Use Parchment paper and fold grooves in one inch rows. This will be your mold. If at all possible make a full 1x3 inch mold of slides. Because cutting them is really difficult.

The candy will be crystallized and must be handled carefully. It shatters like glass.

TIP: You can use a wet knife to gently saw the candy.

Be sure to firmly yet gently hold the candy in place while cutting. Too much pressure can cause it to shatter. Run the blade under hot water. Then gently let just the weight of the blade fall. This takes time. Be sure to stay along the same groove as you saw evenly as you can across the candy.

Edges of the slides may be jagged. Wet the edges a little and you can smooth them out.

TIP: Don't over cook the sugar because it will make yellow slides.

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